Rebel Roar

2017-2018 Staff

Ritika Thope

Features Editor

Ritika Thope is a sophomore and the features editor for Rebel Roar. Her hobbies include playing lacrosse, reading, and traveling with her family. During her free time, she can be found on the couch watching HGTV's "Flip or Flop" ...

Chloe Kim

Staff Writer

Chloe Kim is a sophomore and staff writer for the Rebel Roar. Her hobbies include reading, procrastinating on her homework by watching YouTube videos, and sleeping her life away. She can be found either attempting to copy dance...

Paul Bang

Staff Writer

Paul Bang is Junior in Fairfax High school and he is from Korea. He likes to play soccer or watch K-dramas after school. He wants to go to Old Trafford someday. He likes to be a reporter when he grows up....

Christian Segovia

Sport Dict

Christian Segovia is a sophomore and Sport Dict for Rebel Roar. During his free time, he likes to watch sports, watch Netflix, watch YouTube, play video games,social with friends, and spending/helping his family. He loves to have fu...

Saidata Kanu

Assistant Sports and Activities Editor

Saidata Kanu is a sophomore and Assistant Sports and Activities Editor for the Rebel Roar Magazine. Her hobbies include reading, singing, writing and watching movies in her onesie. When she isn't failing at playing guitar she c...

Chetana Suvarna

Staff Writer

Chetana Suvarna is a junior and staff writer for Rebel Roar. She enjoys playing the piano, traveling, and reading. She plans to study biomedical engineering in college.

Eunu Lim

Staff Writer

Eunu Lim is a sophomore taking Journalism I. He enjoys reading books and watching games of his favorite soccer team in his free time. He dislikes giving speeches, studying for classes and doing math homework. He is a calm, sh...

Gabe Ravel

Staff Writer

Gabe Ravel is a senior and is a journalism student for the Rebel Roar. When not writing, he enjoys playing soccer and playing bass. Gabe really likes science and history but his goal for the future is to major in music performanc...

Jacob Goldberg

Staff Writer

Jacob is a freshman in Journalism I. He likes to read the newspaper.

Izzy Velasquez

Staff Writer

Izzy Velasquez is a freshman and a staff writer for Rebel Roar.  She enjoys playing soccer, field hockey, traveling, and watching Netflix.  She is very excited to be taking journalism this year!

Ihsan Ozdemir

Staff Writer

Ihsan Ozdemir is a freshman taking Journalism I. He is excited to be here and start working. He is a little shy about talking front of the people. He is going to try my best and happy to be with you....

Helena Lopez

Staff Writer

Helena is a senior and this is her first year taking journalism. Outside of school she loves practicing cosmetology, drawing, and traveling. She chose to take journalism because she enjoys connecting with her community and being ab...

Brandon Dabaghi

Staff Writer

Brandon Dabaghi is a freshman here at FHS. He currently plays freshman football and hopefully freshman basketball. He loves to collect shoes and write stories. He is also very excited for his first year at Fairfax. ...

Ella Murray

Staff Writer

Ella is a freshman here at FHS.  This is her first year taking this class. She took it to learn the basics of journalism and writing with a purpose. Outside of writing and the world of academics, she likes playing soccer, runni...

Jihun Yio

Staff Writer

Jihun is a junior at Fairfax and is a staff writer. Outside of school, he enjoys playing basketball, listening to music, volunteering, and spending time with friends.

Lindsey Gries

Staff Writer

Lindsey Gries is a senior at Fairfax High School, and this is her first year on the staff of Rebel Roar. She is also Dance Captain of Show Choir, Co-historian of Choir Council, Activities Chair of English Honors Society, a Ca...

Rouse Barker

Art Director

Rouse Anthony Barker is the Art Director for the Rebel Roar. He enjoys digital art and writing, as well as reading fiction novels on his spare time. He is a junior this year and is eager to start his adventure into the world of...

Bardia Assefbarkhi

Staff Writer

Bardia is 15 years old, and he is from Iran. He loves politics and history. His favorite book is Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes and his favorite movie is 1984.  

Ryan Ferreiras

Staff Writer

Ryan Ferreiras enjoys reading and supports public libraries. In his free time he plays games. He has a large extended family of over 20 people.

Sara Han

Staff Writer

Sara Han is a junior at Fairfax High School and a staff writer for the Rebel Roar. Outside of journalism, Sara holds a leadership position in DECA as the Secretary. When she has time, Sara enjoys playing the guitar or ukulele, ...

Emily Sheng

Copy Chief and Business Manager

Emily Sheng is a junior and the Copy Chief, and Business Manager for Rebel Roar. While not studying and completing homework, she likes to read books and play tennis. She also has a passion for learning trivia. Last year, she was on h...

Hannah Maschino

News Editor

Hannah Maschino is the News Editor for the Rebel Roar. She loves being on Fairfax Field Hockey and likes to write in her free time. She is excited to work on the Rebel Roar this year!

Autumn Kent

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Autumn Kent is the Arts and Entertainment editor for the Rebel Roar Newspaper. She enjoys playing soccer and watching movies in her free time. This year she looks forward to writing a lot of articles for the paper. ...

Courtney Herzog

Managing Editor

Courtney Herzog is the managing editor of the Rebel Roar. She enjoys playing basketball, softball, and joking around with her friends. This year, Courtney is looking forward to helping coordinate and writing for the newspaper. ...

Jessica Hong


Jessica is a senior at FHS and the Editor-in-Chief of the Rebel Roar. In her free time, she likes to read, sleep, travel, listen to music, and volunteer. When not writing stories for Rebel Roar, Jessica can be found spending t...

Ryan Kim

Opinions & Web Editor

Ryan Kim is a senior at Fairfax and in his third year of taking journalism. He is currently the editor of the Web and Opinions sections. In his free time, Ryan likes to listen to music, spend time with friends, and volunteer....

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