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Are you a currently enrolled Fairfax High School student or an eighth-grader in the Fairfax pyramid with an interest in writing and current events? Do you want to work in a fun and fast-paced environment where you can develop your writing skills working with a great teacher and some of the most responsible and talented students in the school? If so, consider enrolling in the FHS journalism program and joining the Rebel Roar staff!

The FHS journalism program offers an introductory course where you will learn all of the basics and begin writing for Rebel Roar as a staff writer. Following completion of Journalism 1, students who wish can re-enroll in a journalism elective for each of their remaining years until graduation. The more experienced students in Journalism 2, 3, and 4 take on increasing levels of editorial responsibility.

The journalism teacher and the Rebel Roar adviser, Mr. Irvin, is a former Washington Post staff writer, and our graduates rave about the advantages the writing skills they have developed in his classroom give them in college and in their careers.

If you are serious about writing and enjoy working in a challenging team environment, see your counselor about enrolling in Journalism 1 to get started. The journalism program is co-curricular, so it is both a club and a class. You need to take the class to join the staff. If you have questions, talk to a staff member or stop by F108 and talk to Mr. Irvin

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