Rebel Roar

Hot or Not

Courtney, Editor in Chief

February 27, 2019

HOT: The Bachelor: At the beginning of this year the ABC channel blessed the world with yet another season of The Bachelor. This season stars Colton Underwood, a former NFL player who was previously on the 14th season of Th...

Death, Pollution, and Production

Bardia, Staff Writer

February 27, 2019

The world has, by now, noticed the emerging debate over environmental protections and climate change as humanity marches towards its own inevitable doom. The modern capitalist consumerist culture has started to deplete importan...

The Sheng Stance

Emily, Editor in Chief

February 27, 2019

Sometimes I see the strangest behavior from those behind the wheel: reading a book on the steering wheel, eating an ice cream cone, putting on powder foundation. Besides the fact that you'll likely to ruin the car's upholstery...

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