Rebel Roar

Artist Profile

Chloe and Christian Segovia

February 27, 2019

What is your name? JD Ussery   How long have you been interested in art? I kind of gotten into art when I was in 4th grade so that was like 8 years ago. I got really serious about it sophomore year.  ...

The Korean Honor Society

Chloe and Gyumin

February 27, 2019

KHS, or Korean Honor Society, is one of the many honor societies held here at Fairfax HIgh School. They are known for a wide range of things, the biggest being the various performances they perform at International Festival (or I...

EI Lesson Changes

Hannah Maschino and Bardia Assefbarkhi

October 19, 2018

Since last year, emotional intelligence lessons have been implemented at Fairfax High School during Lion Time. As the lessons are quite new to FHS, they are subject to change and are still in the experimental stages at Fairfax....

School Board Meetings

Jihun Yio and Gyumin Na, Copy Editor and Staff Writer

October 19, 2018

It's the start of a new school year and already things are picking up for school boards across the county. Fairfax County Public Schools recently held two meetings and plans to hold several more in the near future. On Sept...

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