What to Do During Quarantine

Apply for Scholarships (Seniors)
It is no secret that college can be radically expensive, even with an institutional scholarship. Before all this happened, it was easy to say that there was not enough time to apply for scholarships. Now, there’s more time than ever! Blackboard has an amazing resource called Naviance where students can find matches to colleges and review a list of scholarships they may qualify for. Mrs. Kim is also very good at communicating deadlines for these scholarships as things change due to cancellations and time away from school. Some scholarships may include essays or answering questions, and some may include a list of ways you have contributed to the community. Either way, this is a perfect opportunity to attempt to lessen the financial burden that college can have by applying for scholarships! Most applications can be accessed through Naviance and emailed when completed.

Start a New Hobby
During this time in quarantine, there is not much to do that counts as being active. A great way to feel refreshed and more alive while stuck in your house is to pick up a new hobby, especially an active one! Below is a list of recommendations that may help you in quarantine.

With Summer just around the corner, hot temperatures are bound to keep us indoors more often. Right now, the weather is beautiful and not too hot to do activity, just remember to social distance! Some people have taken up jogging or yoga, while others have discovered ways to work out at home. There are plenty of videos on the internet that lead you through routines or lists of activities you can do to destress during this incredibly stressful time.

Try Out Some Baking
Even though there is a shortage of yeast right now (due to everyone else baking), there are plenty of recipes you can make without it! People have begun to experiment with different recipes they’ve discovered in old cookbooks or on social media. Either way, baking is a great way to keep yourself up and active. Plus, you get the satisfaction of trying the treat you make!

Upcycling Old Clothes
Many people online have decided to use this free time to upcycle their old clothes! There are videos on YouTube people can watch to inspire them about what to do with their old clothes that may not fit as well or that they do not wear anymore. People can transform old dresses into stylish tops or old jeans into new and improved shorts! You may have to learn a bit of sewing, but the end result is worth the time.

Stay Informed
Many people are aware of how the news is all about Covid-19 now. Many people have complained that they would like to hear some good news or understand more about what’s going on outside of the pandemic. John Krasinski started a YouTube channel called SomeGoodNews where he shares all the good news he’s heard on social media and that has been brought to his attention. This is a great way to spread positivity during times like this where there is stress and fear.
It is also important to stay informed about other matters. Some families have arranged group calls with their relatives to check up on them and see what they’ve been up to. Keeping in touch with relatives while stuck at home is a great way to see how they’re doing, but also strengthen your connection with them. Likewise, friends have started to arrange group calls where they watch movies together and talk about what’s going on in their lives. Staying informed about the lives of those you care about is a great way to keep your mind off the fear surrounding the pandemic.

Clean, Reorganize, or Fix Up Your House
While you may have seen full parking lots at various home improvement stores, the idea of home improvement during this time isn’t too shabby. People have taken this extra time stuck at home to freshen up their house and redo rooms. The best part is, you don’t always need to leave your house to do it! You can reorganize the items in your house and think about things to purge once there is a chance to donate or sell them. People have also started DIY projects with things they have at home to spice up a space in their room, such as painting an accent wall. You can also move around the furniture in your rooms or living room to give it a new feel from the same scene you see every day. These things can help ease a bit of the cabin fever we are all feeling right now by providing yourself with a fresh and new-feeling atmosphere.