It’s Not All Bad: The Positive Benefits of Quarantine

No one could’ve seen this coming in December. The coronavirus was just another topic on the daily news, and China seemed so far away. We believed it won’t reach us, it’s not that serious, no one has to worry. As we slowly watched the world shut down, one country at a time, we still didn’t know if it would hit us hard. But eventually it came, and the word “normal” took on a whole new meaning. One day students were sitting in classrooms, people were shopping, adults were working their everyday jobs; and the next, school was shut down, social distancing bans were put in place, and home became the center of our universe.

There’s been a lot of negativity surrounding our situation. And I’m no exception to it. I’m tired of being at home all day everyday. I’m tired of not being able to go for a run with some friends. And yes, I’m honestly tired of food. How could I ever get sick of food? I miss school, I miss sports, and I especially miss seeing people on a daily basis. You never quite realize how important social interaction is until you lose sight of it. I can continue to list on and on, but there really is no point, is there? What will complaining about everything change for us? Nothing. So instead, we should take a second to look at all the positives that can be taken from this.

For those of us that are not directly affected by the virus and its effects, life may have even gotten easier. We aren’t facing any heartbreaking deaths, school has in fact eased up for us, and this just seems like a very long break. We should think of how incredibly fortunate we are before we complain about the small “challenges” that we have to face everyday. Most of us are blessed with good health, houses to spend this pandemic in, devices to connect with people, and family to stay with. Others aren’t as lucky. People are continuously losing jobs, money is getting tight, and their hardships are real. So take a second to think beyond yourself and realize how well-off you really are right now.

There really is so much good that can be taken from this. For me myself, there are a multitude of reasons for which I am grateful. The first one being that I get five and half extra months to spend with my sister before she leaves for college. Sure, we drove to school together everyday, and we were spending time with each other, but it really wasn’t that much. Between sports, studying, and school itself, time was never enough. Now I get to talk to her nonstop if I want, learn how to finally braid my own hair, watch movies with her, work out with her, cook and bake with her, do makeovers with her, and annoy the living daylights out of her. It really is great. She’s my best friend, and I’m stuck with her.

As if that isn’t enough, I have so much time on my hands that I can read for as long as I want. To the people who don’t appreciate reading, maybe pick up a book during all this, and you might change your mind. You are reading this article, aren’t you? I get to spend hours going on long walks with my mother and just enjoy the pleasantness that nature has to offer. It’s calming and peaceful, and it reminds me to be grateful for all that I have. With all this time, heck, everyone could even learn to speak a new language! Of course that takes dedication and effort, but why not? You can pick up a new instrument, discover a new talent, or start your own blog if you wanted to. There’s so much that’s being offered to you, so get out of your bed and see for yourself. Because everyone is stuck at home, workout programs and apps that once cost you are now mostly free for use. It’s incredible! You can seriously come out of this a changed person, mentally and physically. It just depends on what you want your mindset to be. Stop wallowing in your boredom and do something worthwhile. You’ll probably regret all the time that you’re wasting in the future.

We have four months, with the future still unpredictable. So get up, think positive, and maybe you’ll come out of this pandemic a better person. For some of us, this quarantine may be a blessing in disguise, so take advantage of it. Learn all that you can, discover, try new things, connect with your family, and appreciate your good fortune. Remember that your life isn’t as hard as others, and understand that there’s always someone who is suffering more than you are. Happy discovering!