The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Review

“The Boy in Striped Pyjamas” is a movie adaptation of the book “The Boy in Striped Pyjamas “. “The Boy in Striped Pyjamas” is a British historical fiction movie that takes place during the Holocaust.

The movie is centered around a boy named Bruno. Bruno is a 9 year old German boy, living in a family of four in Berlin. His dad is a Nazi. Bruno has an older sister named Gretel, and she is 12 years old. Bruno’s mom has some mixed emotions about Nazis and is resentful of the fact that her husband is a Nazi. In the beginning of the movie, Bruno’s family moves from Berlin to a remote location in Poland and very close to a concentration camp. They moved there because the dad just got promoted. But Bruno and his sister aren’t fully aware that their dad is a Nazi, and they don’t know even know that the Holocaust is going on. Bruno is a very curious boy, and he loves discovering new things. Once they settle into their new house, he notices a “farm” out of the window; it’s actually a concentration camp. He asks his mom about the “farm”, and she quickly shuts him down and tells the housekeeper to cover Bruno’s window. Then Bruno notices that there is an old man working in their backyard, and he wants to go and get to know him. Yet again his mother tries to distract him and tells him to leave the man alone. The man is a Jewish laborer being forced to work for Bruno’s family. Bruno’s mom gets mad at her husband because she feels like the children are too young to be openly exposed to the way Jews are currently being treated during this period of time. Since Bruno’s mom restricts him from doing so much, Bruno starts to sense that she’s hiding stuff from him. One day, Bruno is tired of living in boredom, and he decides to go into the woods behind his house and keeps on walking until he gets to the “farm” that he saw from the window. He finally reaches a barbed wire fence, and he sees a bunch of men inside the boundaries wearing what he thinks are pyjamas, but, in reality, they are the uniforms that were given to the Jews by the guards of the concentration camps. Then he notices a boy right in front of him, and he begins to talk to the boy. Bruno doesn’t realize all the atrocities going on in the world right now as his family does a good job of hiding him from what’s truly going on in the world. So Bruno thinks that the boy in front of him is in some sort of outdoor play center, and he thinks that the uniform the child is wearing is just ordinary striped pyjamas. Both of the boys are naive and only understand the surface level of their situations. The children chat for a bit, and the boy introduces himself and his name as Pavel. Pavel also tells Bruno that he’s Jewish, and Bruno was shocked because he was taught that Jews are not good people. Pavel tells Bruno that he’s hungry, and Bruno promises him that he will bring some food the next time he comes to visit. Later, Bruno continuously goes to visit Pavel, and he starts bringing more food and even a soccer ball. Bruno is constantly thinking of a way to actually interact with Pavel, without having to communicate through a barbed wire fence and throughout the movie he begins taking more risks to interact with his new friend. To find out what happens next , you must watch the movie or else I will be spoiling it for you.

I personally loved the movie because it evoked so many emotions out of me. Although the movie is set in a very dark place in history, they managed to lighten up the spirits through Bruno.They used Bruno’s naivete to make the movie at times a bit humorous. One thing that caught my attention was how light blue Bruno’s eyes were. The movie also does a good job on teaching us and showing us how different types of people were during the Holocaust. I got an interesting perspective from a lot of people. The idea of having the mom who is constantly frustrated at the atrocities her husband and other Nazi generals were causing was very unique because it made me realize how much these chain of events even caused rifts between Nazi familiies. If you like historical fiction movies, this movie is definitely for you.