Arts and Crafts in Quarantine:

Watercolor Painting:
Using watercolors to paint can be relaxing as well as stress-relieving. Watercolor paint can be an easy way to express your creativity. All you need is a brush, watercolors, and paper.

Vision Board:
Printing out pictures or even glueing/taping them on a board can give you ideas and inspiration. Try finding images of things you would like to do once quarantine is over. Having a vision board can help visualize goals, and serve as a positive reminder to achieve them!

Mini Garden:
Plant a few seeds in a container, and watch them grow! Plants can be great decorative pieces in case you want to reorganize a room. The plant pot can be customized with paint, markers, or stickers.

Tie Dye:
Add bright colors to some old clothes. All that you need is fabric dye, a shirt, as well as rubber bands! Tie dye can be a fun way to show your favorite colors, and can even be sold for a profit.