Things To Do In Fairfax

Spend a day in Old Town Fairfax

What better way to spend a day during spring break is there than taking a trip to Old Town Fairfax, which is a short car ride away from Fairfax. Old Town has lots to offer for people of all ages, from delicious restaurants to escape rooms and a fountain for children to play in. In the center of town is a splash pad which offers a place for children to play as well as tables and chairs for parents to watch nearby. They also offer a spot to have lunch with a friend. You can pick up a meal from any one of the surrounding restaurants, from new places with friendly service such as Zandra’s Taqueria or a place with Old Town charm such as The Old Firestation #3. There are many places to shop in Old Town such as Pacers, a store which is devoted entirely to running, it is fitting as Old Town would be a nice place to go for a jog and view the beautiful architecture. During the Summer, you can cool yourself by visiting Woody’s, a delicious ice cream place which has gained the trust of customers after years of excellent service, or Smash’d Creamery, a new trendy rolled ice cream spot. Also, Old Town often hosts events such as the Fall Festival which includes games, crafts from local vendors and food. The Old Town Hall which is full of Fairfax history can host events such as weddings or meetings and is open for rent to the public.


Great Falls

Great Falls Park is located on the border of Fairfax and Montgomery county. Posted on the Potomac River, Great Falls is a series of large, ragged, steep rocks which harbors the jaw-dropping views of beautiful waterfalls. These falls are the main attraction as you walk along Mathers Gorge, the trail that surrounds the park. Inside the park is a visitors center with trail maps and other objects that are sure to make your trip more enjoyable. There are three falls overlooks located close to the visitor center or just a short walk from the parking spaces. One of the best ways to learn more about the park is to get in contact with a park ranger. Park rangers will be able to offer the most information about the falls. Many other activities can be enjoyed while spending a day in the park, such as white-water-rafting, going horseback riding or bird watching. Fishing is also permitted in the river, with a valid fishing license from either Virginia or Maryland. All in all, Great Falls would be a great place to spend a day, no matter what you like to do. You can take in the views with your significant other or spend a day on the water with a few of your friends. There are also lots of benches and picnic tables to enjoy a lunch with your family. Though there is a small entrance fee for the park, the beautiful views and great memories are more than worth it.


Mount Vernon

From the beautiful benches outside to George Washington’s magnificent tomb, our first president’s historic home will make a great visit for any sightseers, historians, or anyone else with some time to kill. Not only is the mansion an outstanding preservation of the late seventeen hundreds, but it also has gardens and farms engaging in actual eighteenth century farming. If you’re an enthusiast of historic agriculture then you have to stop at the Washington’s four acre farms. Recently, Mount Vernon has even recreated his massive hemp farms that were later replaced with wheat. Another large focus of the museum part of the property is George Washington’s tomb. While his monument was erected in the District of Columbia, his actual remains have been placed in a beautiful marble sarcophagus in his home. You can also visit the room where he died of a throat infection in his own bed. At the museum you can learn all about the circumstances leading up to his tragic death, and see the paintings depicting the event. They also have a copy of his last will, a fifteen page document. To see the original you would have to take a forty minute detour to the Fairfax County Courthouse. For the visitors with shorter attention spans, the museum has three locations where various movies (some which are 4D) about Washington play throughout the day. The museum also has lots of incredibly famous objects from Washington’s life, like his silk chair cushion and dentures.