Artist Profile

What is your name?

JD Ussery


How long have you been interested in art?

I kind of gotten into art when I was in 4th grade so that was like 8 years ago. I got really serious about it sophomore year.


How do you describe your art style?

“It’s kind of like digital painting. Right now, I really into look of oil and water color sometimes I try to emulate that.”


What is your favorite art medium?



What are some of your favorite art pieces you’ve done?

Some of my favorite art pieces I have done are probably predator, fish bowl, and An Ode Here.


What is the hardest thing for you as an artist?

“The hardest for me as an artist is coming up with an idea and then following through. But sometimes you realize “my skills aren’t good enough to do what I want to do,” and you get really frustrated so that frustration probably is the hardest part.”


How do you get over the problems you face?

Getting over the problem is kind of like something to take a step back and say sometimes not everything has to be perfect because eventually, you will finally get what you want to do.


What advice do you have for people who are interested in taking art?

If you are interested in art, people say draw everyday but draw things you like because if you enjoy what you are doing, you’ll be inspired to get better.


What art electives are you taking this year?

I take AP 2D studio digital art.


How do you find inspiration?

“A lot of things I am inspired by are actually from my childhood bus. I like the concept of story books or somethings I used to look at as a kid but adding that world puts a message in it.”


Do you want to pursue art in college?

Yes actually. I actually found a college already.


How much of a role does art plays in your life?

“Oh boy, art, at this point has almost fully consumed half of my life.”