The Korean Honor Society

KHS, or Korean Honor Society, is one of the many honor societies held here at Fairfax HIgh School. They are known for a wide range of things, the biggest being the various performances they perform at International Festival (or IFEST), like fan dance, samulnori (traditional korean percussion music), and kpop dance. The Rebel Roar sat down with two of the officers of KHS, Temujin Choijilsuren and Camille Torrico, to learn more about this honor society. Choijilsuren himself joined KHS last year, this year being his second, whereas this is Torrico’s third year. Choijilsuren says that KHS ” is an afterschool club that focuses on the cultural, and tradition of the Korean Society.” He says that, “anyone can join, but it is preferred that you take Korean because we focus on Korean things.” Additionally, since the Korean class is an academy class, other schools can also join. They have interest meetings every year where, “you can come to see what it’s like. Last year we gave out paper forms, but this year we gave out google forms, to see how many people signed up and to see if they met the requirements.” You do not have to be Korean or even take the korean class to join. The meetings are every couple of months, but practices for IFEST are ” almost every thursday” since November. Choijilsuren says that one of the perks of KHS is that “you build really strong relationships because you’re going everywhere. Performing together almost at any Korean sponsored events that you build strong relationships with everybody.” Torrico agrees, saying that the “people here make it really fun and entertaining.”