Hot or Not


  • The Bachelor: At the beginning of this year the ABC channel blessed the world with yet another season of The Bachelor. This season stars Colton Underwood, a former NFL player who was previously on the 14th season of The Bachelorette. For the 23rd season, the show takes place at the iconic mansion where all of the girls, rose and Colton collide. This season has featured an abundance of drama and revealed secrets that has left the general public in disarray. So, did your favorite couple win?


  • Anne Hathaway: Anne Hathaway first emerged in Hollywood during the early 2000’s with the iconic and everlasting “Princess Diaries”, and then followed up with “Ella Enchanted”. These movies certainly defined my childhood, as well as millions of young people all over the world. Anne’s pure and comedic nature of acting has allowed her to stay relevant since her first big movie. She is also quite unproblematic and continues to put out blockbuster after blockbuster, which allows for me to continue my love for her.



  • Tik Tok: Tik Tok was initially released in September 2016 and has become a popular app since then. Though when the app was first released I had hope that it could substitute the dead Vine app however, the app itself is quite literally an off brand and knock off version of Vine, which left me in a state of discontent. Due to this fact, Tik Tok has been placed in the Gloom category this month, but I still remain hopeful that one day Vine can be replaced by something of more substance.


  • Work: Congratulations to all of the seniors that have made it thus far throughout the year as the end of your high school career is just around the corner. Since the second semester has finally begun, the term “senioritis” has really resonated with my fellow peers. This means that seniors, and quite possibly underclassmen, have completely lost their academic will to complete or keep up with their school work. However, the grind must continue as we begin to reach AP exams and conclude the year. May your March bring you luck with your exams and college admittances seniors!

          All photos courtesy of Google Commons.