The Border Wall


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Even though one may argue that illegal immigrants through the southern border may not be the total solution for the illegal immigrant crisis our nation is facing, we cannot just view this issue through a negative scope. Some liberal snowflakes may believe from the statistics of the fake news CNN (Communist News Network) that most illegal immigrants originate from non-Latin American nations, mostly through the use of tourist visas or student visas, but REAL statistics speak otherwise. More than 75% of the illegal immigrants (approximately 9 million) are estimated to be originated from Latin American nations, through the Mexican-American border.

Now, it is important to become unbiased here. Most of these illegal immigrants that come through the border are honest workers, only trying to earn a living and provide a better opportunity for their family. However, one must also recognise that amongst these honest men and women are vile gjajdlsgkjs who cause trouble in our nation. A study done in the 1980’s in the city of San Diego, where only 4% of illegal immigrants make up the population, shows the gravity of this issue, as 26% of all burglary arrests and 12% of all felony arrests were made by the illegal immigrants.

The astonishing crime rate of immigrants do not just end here. Globally, it can be seen that a great influx of immigrants are correlated with a drastic increase in the crime rates. An example of this can be seen in Sweden. Sweden, before their very-humanitarian policy towards the incoming Syrian Refugees, was known for their abnormally low crime rates. However, as refugees started to flow into the nation in 2016, the crime rates have increased drastically, for example, Sex-related crimes increased from 2% to 5% in a span of two years, threats increased from 5% to 8% in a span of two years.

Humanitarian-wise, the wall is a cruel barrier, barricading those who long to come into the country seeking jobs and opportunity for their posterity. However, for the interest of the government, for the safety of the American Citizens, the wall is deemed necessary.

– Eunu Lim, Opinions Editor for the Rebel Roar


A wall as Trump described it on the campaign trail would function as a negative symbol and an archaic form of defense, spawned more in the name of appeasing xenophobes and the irrational than in the name of providing our country with legitimate defense. There are technologically modern methods we can employ in the name of defending our border, and indeed some of these methods are being employed by the current administration’s policy builders, but a solid physical barrier does not need to be part of this border security (across the entire border at least), and identifying the security apparatus as a wall, bringing to mind structures like the Great Wall of China, is clearly an attempt to drive wedges in our society and our world.

President Trump identifying his security plan simply as a “70 feet high concrete wall” is a blatant attempt at negative imagery, and this is where the biggest problem with his plan arises. Creating such a thing would send a terrifying message about the United States, essentially meaning:

We do not care about the rest of the world or its problems. Whether responsible or not for the issues that plague our planet at present, we take no responsibility for them, and now subscribe to the ‘every man for himself’ philosophy. Take your huddled masses elsewhere, we are apathetic to them. Or more than that, we fear them, we hate them. They’re likely evil, likely deserving of our contempt. This wall will protect us from the disgusting non-Americans of the world.

Even taking all of the aforementioned points out of the equation, building a wall at this particular instant in history would be bizarre. Net migration is more in favor of the US than it has been in decades, as more people are actually leaving the country through the southern border than people are migrating over it. The problem brought up regarding drugs is illegitimate; most drugs that come through the Southern border pass through checkpoints in trucks, and thus building a wall wouldn’t solve this problem in the slightest. Furthermore, a majority of illegal immigrants coming in to the United States come by plane or by boat. Are we going to build a roof, or a wall around our coasts too? It would make about as much sense. Would a wall stop the building number of illegal Korean immigrants in this country, the number now being 250,000?


– Declan James Golsen, Copy Editor for the Rebel Roar