He Says the Governor Should Not Resign

A recent scandal regarding Governor Northam’s 1984 yearbook photo of him posing in blackface next to an unidentified person wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood surfaced online to put the governor in a dire position. The governor initially confirmed that the image of the youth wearing blackface was himself, but now denies that it was himself in the image. Now, here’s a question that many Virginians want an answer to: “Should Governor Northam resign or should he stay in his position and make sure no one repeats his mistakes again?”

The fact that many Virginians are calling for the governor to resign from the position is an absurd demand. First off, the poll results show that many agree with me- that it is not a big deal. According to the Washington Post’s poll asking Virginians on their opinions on whether he should resign or not, 58% of the African Americans who were surveyed agreed that he should not step down for his actions. Now, if the group of ethnicity that was “offended” does not want the governor to resign, what is the need for his resignation?

While his blackface is indeed perceived to be offensive to some African Americans, we cannot ignore the fact that the photo was taken in 1984. In 1984, Northam was merely a medical school student, still immature and learning from the surroundings. Thirty-five years have passed since the photo was taken, instead of just taking the negatives of the governor from the photo, how about we take a look at his current records now. As the governor of Virginia, Northam has been known to be very humanitarian and pro-civil rights towards ethnic minorities in the state. Because of his past actions, we all can infer that he regrets his actions.

It is pointless to view this action as something that should make the governor resign from his successful career as the proud Governor of the State of Virginia. His action in the present justifies that he regrets his past actions and the polls show that many still support him as a governor. The governor should not be crushed by this negative call for his resignation, but use his past mistake to bounce back and continue his successful career.