She Says The Governor Should Resign

Recent photos have arisen that portray the Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, in blackface in an old yearbook from his medical school. The photo featured the governor’s full name underneath the photo, as well as other photos of the governor located on that same page. On February 1, the governor’s initial response was to apologize and take responsibility for his admitted actions. However, his credibility came into question when, the very next day, the governor held a press conference, refuted his past statement, and claimed that he was not the man pictured in the photograph. As a result of this complete contradiction of himself, many have been wondering whether or not he deserves to stay in office.

Personally, I believe that the governor should resign because his previous actions are appalling. I believe that those actions are completely unacceptable and cannot be tolerated by the American people. Governor Ralph Northam representing the state of Virginia is not indicative of Virginians as a society, and as a result of Mr. Northam representing us, we are portrayed as a racist and intolerant group. Mr. Northam should resign because his image as the state governor reflects badly on the constituents of that state. His irresponsibility and immature behavior both in the past and now is convincing enough to persuade others to join in the efforts to have him removed from office.

The governor’s lack of good judgement, especially when he was old enough to make adult decisions for himself, is unacceptable. While he was arguably a relatively young college student, he was old enough to know right from wrong, which is what matters in this situation. He acted immaturely back then which was bad enough, but his retraction of his original statement of apology was an even bigger mistake. The picture emerging and his subsequent apology was enough to make me wary about him, but his contradictory statement the next day was proof to me that he hadn’t changed as a person, and did not deserve to stay in office. If he had demonstrated growth by sticking to his apology and further trying to ameliorate the matter, perhaps I would’ve been more inclined to forgive him, but because of his lack of growth and learning from his actions, I morally cannot forgive Mr. Northam, and would prefer that he resign.