Sport/Activities Plan Ahead Month

MLB Playoffs

Baseball fans, hopefully you are watching the MLB playoffs to see if your team is going to make the World Series. Games will be played to the best of 7, meaning teams still have chances to come back, or just completely take over the series and win. The Houston Astros look to have a repeat after winning last year. The last team to repeat in the World Series was the New York Yankees, in years 1998-2000.


NHL Season

For NHL Season Hockey Fans, a new season with the Capitals raising their Stanley Cup banner on October 3rd. Hopefully they’ll have a repeat and win another one. Don’t worry about missing a few games here and there because there because there are 82 games in the season. Get ready for another season of ice and coldness.


NBA Season

The NBA season will open on October 16th, with the Celtics going against the 76ers and the Warriors going against Thunder. Look forward to seeing your team, new signings, rookies, as well as breakout players this year. Also as the Warriors look to take the chip for the third time in a row, hopefully there will be some other contenders that can stop their run this year. ( Be sure to check out our NBA preview on page 30 )



Champions league, Premier League, Ligue 1, La Liga, and Serie A have started and the season is well on its way. Watch out for goals, saves from goalkeepers, defenders making tackles, and the soccer ball being passed around on the pitch.

Football Fantasy Team

The NFL season is under its way, so if you have a fantasy team this year, be sure to stay up to date on your players and how your players do. You may have a few bad weeks where players might not be able to play or just don’t play well at all on the field. Also be able be open minded on other players if you able to get them or transfer out a few of your players.


Fairfax Games

It’s a new year, so go out to our Fairfax Rebel Pride sport games Go support our athletes that play, bring friends with you to the game, and sit back to enjoy the game. Be on the lookout for any spirit days to wear to game.


Fairfax Clubs

There are plenty of clubs here at Fairfax, so be sure to go out to meetings and meet new friends. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, maybe go out and volunteer at events in Fairfax. Just keep your mind open to new things to enjoy and finding interesting things about yourself.