NBA Preview

Teams to Watch
Multiple factors play into why a team is fun to watch. Rookies, star players, trades, and free agency signings can make a team more enjoyable to watch. Many teams now fit into these standards, making this season one of the most anticipated seasons the league has seen in awhile.
The Los Angeles Lakers struck gold during the offseason, acquiring LeBron James, Lance Stephenson, Rajon Rondo, and Javale McGee as great veteran additions to their current young core. Other teams that fans should watch for in the West include the imposing Golden State Warriors, who have added the all star DeMarcus Cousins to their roster, the Rockets, despite the deterioration of their roster, and other teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder, New Orleans Pelicans, and the Utah Jazz who have enormous potential to be great this season.
In the East, Celtics fans can expect both Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving back from their season ending injuries from last season. The Celtics also look like serious contenders this year, and will definitely be on people’s “to watch” lists. Some other notable teams in the East also include the 76er’s with their potentially dangerous core of Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, the Toronto Raptors, who unsettled the league with their addition of a new star in Kawhi Leonard, the Wizards, who now have improved their center with the former all star and defensive player of the year, Dwight Howard, as well as the depth of their bench overall. The Bucks also look to make an impact on the league, with former rookie of the year, Malcolm Brogdon, veterans Brook Lopez and Eric Bledsoe, as well as one of the NBA’s up and coming stars in Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Rookies to Watch
The draft class of 2018 has a lot of potential coming this year. From the Phoenix Suns, Deandre Ayton, who has strong mid-range jumper, post-up game, will be able to get you points and rebounds as a center coming into the NBA. Mikal Bridges, who was traded to the Suns from the Philadelphia 76er’s, is able to finish around the rim and also shoot the ball when needed. Collin Sexton, drafted by Cleveland Cavaliers, has solid mid-range, is able to finish around the rim, and play hard defense. Michael Porter Jr., drafted by the Denver Nuggets, is a scorer who’s able to shoot from anywhere on the court defend well, concern for his health comes from when he sat out in his last year of college with a back injury that required surgery. Luka Doncic, drafted by the Dallas Mavericks who is a scorer as well as a playmaker. Jaren Jackson Jr., drafted by Memphis Grizzlies, who has the potential to be a imposing shot blocker and great defender on the floor. Mo Bamba, drafted by the Orlando Magic, looks to be a force in the paint, with the seven footer averaging a double double for the entire college season. Even after getting booed on draft night by Knick fans, Kevin Knox is able to score at the basket and is a good defender. Underdogs will be Lonnie Walker IV, drafted by the San Antonio Spurs, and Grayson Allen drafted by the Utah Jazz, both great scorers expected to help their team

Games to Watch
During the upcoming 2018-19 NBA Season, NBA fans are bound to see some legendary matchups during this season. The first must-see game this season is the opening night of the season, 76ers vs. Celtics (October 16th, 8:00 pm). Gordon Hayward will be making his legitimate Celtics debut this game, and the Sixers now have the chance to prove their belief that they deserve the number one spot. Also, everybody’s going to want to see what LeBron’s Staples Center debut against the Rockets(October 20th, 10:30 pm) will look like. Lakers vs. Cavaliers is also raising the question of whether or not Cleveland will happily accept Lebron’s decision. Another highly anticipated game is the Raptors vs. the Spurs.(January 3rd, 8 pm). Will Kawhi Leonard be greeted with boos or thank you letters? Another interesting game is Mavericks vs. Hawks(October 24th, 7pm). Finally, the last game to watch that’s closest to the current date is Lakers vs. Warriors on Christmas. It seems to be popular opinion that this game will give us a glimpse into the future western conference finals.