Meet Our New Football Coach: Richard “Tre” Taylor

Q; Could you tell us a little bit about yourself like your football career and your coaching career?

A: Year 23 of coaching at West Springfield, Robert E. Lee, South County, South Lakes, Woodson, and Fairfax. I’ve been a head coach for 11 years and is coaching his 12th year currently. Grew up in Fairfax county, went to West Springfield HS.

Q; South Lakes was a very successful team, going 11-2 last year, why was the decision made to come to Fairfax?

A: Me and my family have lived in Fairfax City for a long time, one of his children goes here and soon his other children, he felt like it was time to give back to the community we’ve been apart of for so long.

Q; What are your overall goals at Fairfax?

A: Elevate the football program and the athletics overall at the school. I want to build a winning culture and that culture starts in the weightroom for all sports.

Q; What are some of the major changes you have made or plan to make in coming to Fairfax?

A: Get the weightroom to become a more important aspect of athletics, culture of the weightroom needs to change, we need to upgrade the facility,change the attitude to one that embraces hardwork and grind aspect of things, and getting a bunch of guys willing to show up everyday and work as hard as they can.

Q; Upon coming to Fairfax, what was your first impression of the school?

A: The team: In general the raw materials for the team are here we have a good combination of athletes and big kids. I think the building blocks are here it just needs to be put together in a fashion that will bring results on the football field.

Q; What is your favorite thing about Fairfax so far?

A: The open mindedness of the kids, both in weight training class and on the field. I’ve asked them to do a lot of new and different stuff that they aren’t used to and everybody has just embraced it and wants to see the results can be.

Q; You teach personal fitness also here, for someone who maybe doesn’t know or isn’t sure of what it is, what is it and why should you take it?

A: Personal Fitness is the best class offered at the school, it is a class that is going to teach you: how to lift weights, how to gain strength, how to become more explosive, how to become a better athlete. It’s a great academic break during the day because there are no textbooks, there are no tests, it’s just hands on doing. So, if you are a person serious about fitness and or serious about sports, this is the class for you.

Q; What kind of football do you like to play, play style you like to run?

A: I’m a run first power football kind of guy. I think in order to win in the playoffs you gotta be able to run the football and you gotta be able to stop the football, so that’s our focus on offence and defence.

Q; Any player/coach that you admire in the NFL or college? Why?

A: There are a lot of good coaches in college, I think Nick Saban is a good coach because he recognizes talent and he understands how to assess individuals. I think also, that the Oklahoma State coach, Mike Gundy, does a really good job with some of the athletes that aren’t as good as athletes from some of the other schools he plays. I think James Franklin has done a really good job changing the culture at Penn State form where it was and getting it back on track.

Q; What do you love most about coaching

A: Just being able to impact youngsters, the ability to have a positive influence on them, and hopefully what I’ve teached them in football, they will apply in real life to help them be successful.

Q; What is the biggest thing from South Lakes that you want to bring to Fairfax?

A: Fairfax reminds me of South Lakes when I got there, there wasn’t a great weight room culture, there wasn’t a lot of pride taken in doing hard work and they really bought in and did what we asked them to do. That’s what i want to install here, I want people to embrace the hard work ethic and have them understand that they won’t be successful in the fall unless the work year round and working on the little things that produce results.