Humans of Fairfax

What is your favorite horror movie?


Alex Huber-LeBouf, 12th Grade- “Stay(2005) is pretty good, I find it spooky. Psychological, thriller, interesting.”

Us: “What made it interesting?”

Him: “Well, it was about a troubled artist, and it had young Ryan Reynolds and Ewan McGregor, he’s always good.”


Tanner Kissler, 11th Grade- “Probably The Texas Chainsaw Massacre because I like gory movies, and its kinda old.


Philip Everard, 9th Grade- “The Conjuring because that’s the only one I’ve watched.”


Jenny Miller, 11th Grade- “Get Out. I thought it was interesting, and it made me think.”


Stephanie Tai, 9th Grade- “The Mortal Instruments ’cause there was a lot of killing in it.”