He Said… – Ryan O. Ferreiras

Ryan O. Ferreiras

The state of school spirit in Fairfax High can be summarized in one word: lacking. Despite the best efforts of the leadership in of school, the school lacks a coherent identity and is disinterested in sports events. This can and should be fixed. The first problem to school spirit at the school is a mystery surrounding its definition. What even is School spirit? School spirit is defined as having a cohesive school identity, when a student identifies themselves as a Fairfax High Student in lieu of a high school student. The cultivation of school spirit brings a plethora of benefits with it; it could alleviate some of the apathy towards our school, increase our collective grades, encourage our sports teams, and decrease the need for fundraising.
Our student body is apathetic. School spirit is not important to the students. This must change because apathy signals that they have no sense of belonging to the school. Those who are apathetic have no idea of what a sense of community brings. This poses one of the largest obstacles to school spirit. We must destroy the apathetic by energizing the student body about school spirit. In order to do energize the school body about school spirit we should attempt to bring the apathetics into the fold. In doing this we would be able a create a community uniquely based around school spirit.
Our student body is obsessed with grades because of this it is important to note that based on a survey conducted by Harris Hall, students at schools with High Student Spirit found it had a positive effect on their grades. This is in direct opposition to a prevailing idea in the school, School Spirit would be a distraction and lower the schools grades. The idea seems logically obvious, of course our grades would be lowered if we had school spirit because you can’t have school spirit and good grades. School Spirit and high grades can do more than co-exist, one is conducive to the other. For example, Duke is the best university in the South and at the same time is one of the most competitive universities sports wise. In Duke, the school celebrates athletic and academic achievements , which creates and environment that is conducive to learning. We should seeks to replicate this environment in our own school through exalting our athletes and our academic achievements.
Our school teams are not well supported by the school. The turnout for our games are abysmal which causes the teams to have to more fundraising wise. Student athletes would improve if more of the school showed up to their game. Athletics is an important component of school spirit. Student’s are generally lacking in low cost activities to do with their friends. Turning up to athletic games gives students excellent opportunity for low cost outings with their friends and would help to grow a sense of community amongst the student bodies
Everyone hates fund raising. The rise of school spirit is a good thing for anyone who participates in after school clubs because it would make fundraising easier. The idea behind this is simple and intuitive. People who care about the school community are more likely to donate money to support that community. Fundraising is the most unpleasant aspect of afterschool clubs because it generally is unrelated to the core activity of the club, obliging students to do what seems to appearing boring at best and selling out a worst. School Spirit should appeal to the those who participate with extra curriculars because it would ease their make fundraising easier.
Fairfax High School is great. The students of our school receive a world class education for free. The school merits more enthusiasm than it garners. Working together we can begin to create the kind of atmosphere and school spirit that a school like ours deserves. The rises of school spirit in this school heralds an era of support for ours sports teams, brought by higher attendance to their games and more support, an easing of the burden that fundraising brings, a environment more conducive to academic achievement. The student body should be excited about the school not apathetic or even hateful because we are a great school and the sense of community brought by school spirit is what we need to make the school realize what it needs. Finally there is hope for the schools spirit because a lot of students are very passionate about it and working to bring their vision of school spirit to the school.