Best Halloween Episodes

“Boy Meets World”
Season five, episode seventeen. “And Then There Was Shawn” is not only the best Halloween episode, but also one of the best of any episodes out of the entire series. This episode is the perfect combination of funny and spooky. It starts off with Shawn overreacting to a classmate asking Topanga, who recently broke up with Corey, to borrow a pencil, landing the whole group in detention. It is during detention that the shenanigans begin, as one of the students is murdered. A little spooky, but tremendously funny, this episode brings the horror genre to a whole new level in a show meant for kids.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”
The episode titled “Halloween” (season one, episode six) kicks off the series long tradition of an annual Halloween heist. This episode shows Captain Holt and Detective Jake Peralta creating a competition in which Jake Peralta has to steal a medal from the Captain’s office without getting caught by the end of Halloween night. In their fight to win the heist, Peralta and Captain Holt drag in other members of the precinct.This competition sparks an erratic humor that is ridiculous but also fitting.

“The Office”
The episode titled “Halloween” is the fifth episode from the second season of the hit comedy series titled “The Office”. This hilarious episode follows the members of the office during Halloween as they complete their daily jobs. The main feature of the episode is that Michael Scott, the manager of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, must decide which worker to fire due to budget cuts. This leads to funny fights between the co-workers each trying to save their job.

“Wizards of Waverly Place”
The best Halloween episode from this show is from season three, episode two. This episode details the struggles the Russo family endures while trying to make the best haunted house possible. The family must create the scariest haunted, otherwise the town will not allow them to participate in such Halloween festivities for the rest of their lives. So as the pressure to make a scary haunted house builds, Alex brings in supernatural beings from her magical world to help scare the mundane humans of New York.