Six Word Scary Stories

“Living life knowing death is inevitable” – Montana Berry

“New principal and AP’s all sick!” – Ms. Lenart

“I heard the kitchen window shatter” – Madame Safavi

“I thought he would stay away.” – Ryan Phillips (junior)

“Emily Sheng got an A minus.” – Duy Nguyen

“Screams of pain were heard downstairs.” –  Justin Choi

“Bedroom knob turns; I live alone.” – Cheryl Spevak

“I didn’t get accepted into college.” – Cameron Jones

“He saw death through his mirror.” – Antonio DeMarco

“The test results came back positive.” – Garrett Lopes

“She floated along the riverside, lifeless.” – Olivia Berroa

“I can’t find my phone charger.” –  Meghana Kamineni

“My mom saw my grades today.” – Nick Counts

“Oh, egads! My roast is ruined!” – Brandon Dodson