Movie Review – “Monster House”

Monster House is my favorite halloween movie, and I watch it every year. It’s a funny take on a scary movie, meaning it includes more jokes than jumpscares.

The main characters in the movie are DJ, Chowder, Jenny, and Mr. Nebbercracker. The main plot is surrounding the three preteens’ adventure in trying to unveil the mystery of Mr. Nebbercracker’s evil house, which seems to be alive!

Mr. Nebbercracker is involved in an accident caused by DJ, which leads to Mr. Nebbercracker being rushed to a hospital. As a result of the incident, DJ presumes Mr. Nebbercracker is dead, and the house is left alone.

As soon as Mr. Nebbercracker is taken to the hospital, the house begins to release a steady stream of smoke stemming from the chimney. This leads to DJ and Chowder concluding that the house is indeed alive.

They then meet Jenny, a young girl going around their neighborhood selling cookies for the benefit of her school. They update her with their situation and provide her with proof to back up their claim, which leads to her eventually joining their quest in finding out just what it is that makes the house alive. The group of children embark in search of anyone that can help them learn more about the house’s origins.

Throughout their journey, they encounter various characters that slowly help them uncover the secret of the house. The secondary characters in the movie are the funniest and most memorable for their contribution to the comedic aspects of the film.

At one point, the group members brace themselves to enter the house! I won’t say much about the adventure inside the house, except that it was very entertaining and full of plot twists.

To find out what the result of all this exploring and uncovering of information leads to, give the movie a watch! I highly recommend curling up in your fluffiest pajamas with a nice blanket and some good snacks to fully enjoy your experience with this movie.