PSG is Great But There Are Concerns

(courtesy of Flickr) Neymar Jr

Paris Saint Germain(PSG) made big moves this past summer by buying Neymar for 222 million dollars from Barcelona, Dani Alves for free by signing him to a contract, and getting Mbappe on loan from Monaco while also having the option to buy him. As PSG spent big money in the summer, fans couldn’t wait for their season to start from the get go. Once the the season had started they got off to a hot start but there are also some concerns


From the start, they were able to win the Trophée des Champions cup. Have themselves sitting on top of Ligue One table from scoring goals, passing the ball, and having good defense for other team not to score throughout the season. They have attacking threat with Cavani Neymar and Mbappe to score their goals while also make plays. A midfield with Verratti, Pastore, and Rabiot with great passing skills and some defense. Their defense with Silva, Kurzawa, and Alves from having their opponent score a goal into the back the net. Also some great players to come off the bench like Lucas, Di María and Draxler to provide some energy in the second half.  


Through they have been off to a hot start by having zero defeats from May 1 to Dec 1.Through they have lost a couple or even tied a couple games. It might not speak much but there are problems that PSG has had throughout this season.

Who taking the Free kicks or penalties?

Once Neymar joined PSG, it was clear that wanted to be the leader and become more of world class player to win awards. Before he even joined, Cavani was the man that was taking the free kicks and penalties. Now that Neymar is around, things would have to be  changed like taking turns or decide which one take penalties or free kicks for the day. It might seems like from time to time they know who will take it, might sometimes have a couple fights over it.

The Neymar Rumours are simply NONSENSE

Neymar just joined PSG, and there have been reports throughout the season saying that he doesn’t like the head coach and that he would make a move to Real Madrid. Those are just rumours, yet Neymar is having one of his best season in his career with PSG. These rumours can possible be affecting on how their teammates feel about playing with him and not trust him at all.


The Bench has to do better

Players like  Lucas, Di María, or Draxler coming on to the pitch, as fans, they need  to provide more chances to  score in the game. As fans you shouldn’t have to worry who the sub that coming on cause you know they’re bringing energy. If the bench can bring more of a game when they come onto the pitch, PSG would be more scary.


Defense is fine but needs to do a little better.

PSG defense players are this season and are also able to score goals if they are given the chance to. Once they fall apart sometimes they tough time getting back up on their feet. Also when they realize their offense is struggling they can help but also have to keep in mind that they have to help the goalkeeper.   

If PSG fix these problems they’ll be fine in the Champions League as they go against Real Madrid and top themselves in Ligue One table.