Out of Control Football Players


Lately the National Football League (NFL) has been having issues with players taking drugs, not being able to make it to the drug test, players having issues off the field that have gotten them into trouble and has caused them to have a couple game suspensions or fines. Also players making big interesting statements out to the public, so then if the players are against for whatever then have gotten suspended for or fined, they are allowed to schedule with the NFL to go to one of the current appeal officials to hear the case.


Then whatever the case may be, teams do have the option to either keep the player if they think they won’t be a problem to the team. Then they also have the other option to cut the player from the team and explore for other players to play for their team. The last option would be to wait out on the case by keeping the player and helping them out with the issues.


Keep in mind that when the NFL does fine players for whatever their case may be, it does not go directly to them. When the fines are collected, they will instead go to programs like the NFL Care Foundation or to the Gene Upshaw Players Association’s Players Assistance Trust, to help out former players that played in the NFL. Also that the NFL fines are increased each year by five percent and  continues to increase throughout the duration of the current CBA.   


Let’s take a look at the Ray Rice situation back on Feb. 15, 2014. Where he did domestic violence to his wife and there was video evidence showing that he did it. Ray Rice was released by the Baltimore Ravens when the video got out to the public of him hitting his wife in the elevator. He was going to be suspended but was overturned by court when appealing. It has been about three years since this problem has occurred. Ray Rice has not been signed by any team since that day.


A player like Michael Vick, who is retired and was promising quarterback back in the NFL. A great player with athletic ability all changes when it hit April 2007 where drug activity was related to a cousin of Vicks owned on his property. Was also convicted dog-fighting and a numbered of injured animals also. Couple months would pass, Vick would admit that he bankrolled and was part of the event to the NFL in August 2007. Then also admitted that he help murder the dogs. He would be sentenced time in prison and pay money to  charges. Vick would be able to come back two years after but have a let down on his career.

Throughout the years we have seen many athletes, not only the ones associated with the NFL, land themselves into some serious trouble with law enforcement, and they continue making these life altering decisions that changes the face of not only them but the organization they work for.


The harsh and gruesome reality of it is that it is not getting any better. So far in this year alone, according to the USA Today, over 30 NFL players have been charged and arrested for various crimes ranging from drugs and alcohol, domestic violence, assault as well as disorderly conduct.


Even after the updated NFL Personal Conduct Policy was announced in 2014, that stated the disciplinary actions the NFL is to take on all members and associates of the National Football League that go against the conduct policy stated on their contracts. Players still tend to veer off the rules sometimes on and off the field.


There has been many speculations around the media concerning whether or not NFL players are being disciplined for the crimes that they have been committing. But the NFL has shut down any of those allegations that are being held against them. As stated by the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy, “it is not enough simply to avoid being found guilty of a crime. We are all held to a higher standard and must conduct ourselves in a way that is responsible, promotes the values of the NFL, and is lawful.”


Although this policy states these important rules to be followed by the NFL, these problems still seem to consist among the players. Whether a new policy should be made or the NFL should take stricter disciplinary action towards its out of control athletes, it is crucial for them to take action before the reputation of the NFL and their teams get ruined. This kind of behavior could influence the younger generations of future NFL players into thinking that they could get away with crimes because of their athletic prowess.