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“Beauty and the Beast”

There have been many live action remakes by Disney in the past couple of years, but I do have to say this is probably the one I am most excited for. Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson are only some of the names of the fantastic cast of this “Beauty and The Beast” remake. Emma Watson appears to be the perfect match of Belle in real life. Along with similar characteristics, she is shown in interviews and online to be just as kind and smart as Belle is meant to be. This genuity will allow “Beauty and The Beast” to be brought to life in the purest of ways and give the original a run for its money. If the cast is not enough to get you excited, look at some of the names on the soundtrack for this film. Ariana Grande and John Legend duet in the remake of the “Beauty and The Beast” song. Other notable names on the soundtrack include Celine Dion and Josh Groban.

The visual effects shown in the trailer give an exciting glimpse into the magic that will be in this remake. Of course, there are visual effects that take place in the magical household, objects and the beast, but the castle in all its luxuriousness will be breathtaking and make this film unforgettable. The script does not appear thus far to be much different than the original. This allows a younger age of audience to develop into fans of the new film and find interest in the brand. Although this appears to be a money making target, this film is sure to bring together fans, both new and old together to argue over which version is better.

The marketing done for this movie that included a teaser trailer released almost a year before premiere date has given it the spark required to do well in theaters. This along with the now surrounding controversy over an openly gay character will allow it to storm the box office and set records. “Beauty and The Beast” has the potential to be one of Disney’s best remakes with its fantastic cast, great soundtrack and magical effects.


This movie is a superhero film created in a dark manner. The “R” rating is suited to fill a gory conclusion to the Wolverine franchise. Hugh Jackman portrays Logan as a lost cause, given up on happiness and choosing only to settle. This allows the audience to see him as hardened by a tough life, along with sympathizing with his loneliness. Because the movie is so violent, it is hard to find a moment of peace; death after death, the lack of humanity is called to question. There is no hesitation seen between the killing of men by both child and adult. This is drawn to light by a conversation between Laura and Logan, along with the use of a quote on murder being a brand. This demonstrates the unshown effects of killing on heroes. Although they believe they are doing the right thing by killing, the after effects are hard on anyone.

The character Laura is used as a nice contrast between Logan now to what he used to be as Wolverine. Now that he has lost what seems to be everything he had once lived for, he is shown in his weakest state, growing old and vulnerable. Laura, however, is young and angry. She has faced unimaginable horrors and is ready to fight for those she cares about. This contrast demonstrates change. Logan is visibly seen as aging, unlike what is in his nature, clearly in poor shape and defeatable.

“Logan” stands match to its R-rating. This includes excessive violence and gore along with the repeated use of curses by Logan. The number of times where someone’s claws are seen going through anothers head seems countless and never fails to receive a cringe. This violence does not take away from the overall theme film, instead increasing the tone of desperation as the search for a final safe haven continues. At this point in the franchise, Logan has given up hope, looking for a way out as opposed to looking for better. By finding a new mutant and forming a connection with her as they search for her safety, Logan is shown facing loneliness and finding a worthy cause to live for again in the conclusion to the franchise.


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