The Lego Batman Movie Review


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The “Lego Batman Movie” is a comical film with jokes suited for all ages, with characters whose conflicting personalities mesh well together.

It started off strong with jokes that mock the opening sequence of movies, proving from the beginning that the sense of humor is not fit for only to a young audience. This is followed by a song to show as an opener to Gotham’s reliance on Batman and demonstrates the relationship between Batman and the Joker.

The “Lego Batman Movie” is a creative movie that shows Batman’s continued fight against the Joker and his development from a stuck up loner to a family-man who discovers strength in love.

As a kids movie I would say the creators did a great job at connecting silly to a great and genuine theme. Of course Batman is lonely, but this movie shows his realization that he does not have to be lonely, that by opening himself up to find a new family he is allowing himself to be happy and stronger. The movie shows that family does not necessarily mean blood and that it is found in whomever helps you be the best you. It also makes fun of the forced romantic relationship at the end of almost every supero movie. This is shown through Batman and Commissioner Barbara Gordon who becomes part of the Batman family by means of being a friend and the almost kiss that was used to show the lack of romance between the two.

The cast is pretty fantastic including Will Arnett, Mariah Carey, Ralph Fiennes and Michael Cera. Casting Michael Cera to star alongside Will Arnett is a nod to Arrested Development that I am so grateful for.

The rapport between the characters is hilarious, including a lovers quarrel between Joker and Batman that proves that there is a thin line between love and hate. Each character brings their own sense of humor to the table, creating a diverse group of friends whose dynamic would make anyone jealous. The group of friends that join together to save the city shows that anyone can be a hero by caring enough to try.

The villains were used creatively in the sense that the movie starts off by saying Batman has defeated Gotham’s villains so many times that they clearly cannot defeat him. This forces the Joker to go on a search for enemies worthy of Batman’s hatred. These villains are found in the phantom zone and include villains from a variety of other movies including Voldemort, Medusa, the Wicked Witch of the West, and more. Due to the rights not being owned these characters are not mentioned by name but given hilarious nicknames, being widely recognized enough for this to not be a huge deal.

Other comedic references in this movie include numerous jokes about the old franchise, mocking the change in styles and the horrendousness in some. Batman is also seen watching “Jerry Maguire” and laughing at the romantic scenes. These references bring a refreshing sense of familiarity and humor as you watch different kinds of evil working together.

The humor continues through the use of goofy songs that are also very catchy. The use of songs allows the characters to express their stories or personalities in a light hearted and comedic manner.

Batman shows his loner and cocky attitude with continuous lyrics about his abs and lavish lifestyle. At any point in the movie when a song starts to play be prepared for something funny to happen as it never fails to cause some laughter. The overall soundtrack of this movie allows an upbeat and good humored tone for a good experience viewing the film.

The animation in this movie is astounding. I will never fail to be amazed at how much effort was so obviously put into the making of this film. Every explosion, every crash, every movement was visually pleasing and crazy to watch. This animation brought the movie to a new level of awesome that made it worth watching and worth watching again.

The “Lego Batman Movie”is a well crafted movie with aspects that add up to make it a light hearted and humorous experience.