Viola Davis Wins the Triple-Crown


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Viola Davis just won her first Oscar in the 89th Academy Awards. This allowed her to become the first black women to have awards from the Oscars, Tonys and Emmys.

Davis won the award for “Best Supporting Actress” for the 2016 film “Fences.” Davis has won two Tonys, one for her acting in “King Hedley II” in 2001 and the other for “Fences” on Broadway in 2010.

Davis won her Emmy award in 2015 for the “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series” for her work in the drama series, “How to get Away with Murder” that is shown on the ABC channel.

Davis is the 23rd person to win the triple-crown, one award from the Tonys, Emmys and Oscars. Some other actors include Helen Hayes, Jessica Lange and Whoopi Goldberg.

During her acceptance at the Oscars on Feb. 26, Davis delivered an emotional and empowering speech about how she loves everything about being a black women in today’s society. Her speech helped to inspire people all over the world.

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