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Early College Admissions: Fairfax Seniors Get Accepted


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University of Chicago – Sarah Wasinger

What made you choose applying to uChicago early?

I chose to apply to Chicago early because I knew that even if I had the opportunity to go to any other school it wouldn’t change my decision. I couldn’t envision myself at anywhere else and I wanted to do anything I could to give myself the best chance of getting in. I had spent years looking at schools, but once I started researching UChicago, I had my heart set on getting in. Their academics, particularly their new institute for molecular engineering and core curriculum, really appealed to me and fulfilled what I wanted from a college experience.

What are you looking most forward to at uChicago?

“The life of the mind” is a really big part of Chicago. It encapsulates the mindset of always looking to learn and explore no matter what situation you may be in. This can be in the classroom, in the laboratory or even when you are having dinner at your house table (which have banners over them with your house name!) The passion the other students have for expanding their knowledge is something that really drew me to the school. UChicago is commonly known as the place where fun goes to die. This saying has survived in part because of the self-deprecating humor that many students have but also in part because the students have their unique definition of fun that others may find strange. The many traditions such as the annual scavenger hunt and dollar milkshakes on Wednesdays are some of the many things that are part of the odd and eccentric UChicago culture.

Is there anything you aren’t looking forward to at uChicago?

The cold! I realize that many students who grew up in much warmer climates have survived, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not dreading it. I’ve already bought a giant coat, but I fear it will not be enough to protect me. I may find myself trapped inside for months, imprisoned the icy tundra that separates me from food and and the classroom.

Was there anything special about the application for uChicago?

The essays were definitely the most unique part of the application. I think the school uses their abstract prompts to identify the students that are creative thinkers. There is the obvious “why UChicago?” question, but they also ask for you to name a number of your favorite things (I chose my favorite people,) and their famous supplemental questions. Prompts in the past have been “Where’s Waldo, really?” and “Find X.” This year one of them was, “What is square one, and can you go back to it?” I chose a past prompt asking about what the mantis shrimp (an animal that has 16 color receptors) can see that we cannot. It was even longer than my common app essay, and I had so much fun writing it! I spent a really long time on it and it was definitely the essay I was the most proud of.

Cornell University – C.J. Schmidt

What are you looking forward to at Cornell?

I am looking forward to the student life at Cornell. The small town of Ithaca seems like an amazing place to live. I’m also excited for the cold weather. As someone who loves skiing, I am really looking forward to the snow.

Was there anything special about Cornell that made you want to apply early?

When I visited the campus, I really liked the area. The campus layout and the surrounding area seemed really amazing. Also, Cornell offers a computer science program in their College of Arts and Sciences that I was very interested in. This program would let me study other topics I enjoy such as history and English with computer science.

Is there anything you aren’t looking forward to there?

I am worried about the difficulty and stress that comes along with college. I hope that Fairfax has prepared me enough for college.

What was the application process like for Cornell?

It was the regular common application with one supplemental essay. Cornell was quick in getting their decisions so I got my acceptance in a little over a month.

Virginia Tech – Kyle Casey

How was the early application for Virginia Tech?

The early application was the same as the regular application, but it was relatively easy. It only took a few hours to complete the whole application.

What makes you look forward to going to Virginia Tech?

There are a lot of things I look forward to. For example, I look forward to going to the football games and also the food they serve on campus. I am also ready to start studying engineering there.

Do you have any idea of what you want to study there?

I want to study aerospace and aeronautical engineering at Virginia Tech’s engineering school.

Is there anything about going to Virginia Tech you aren’t looking forward to?

I was hoping to get further away from home and go to school where I wouldn’t know anyone, but Virginia Tech is a big school, so I’m not worried.

Would you have done anything different in your college application process?

I wish I would have applied to other schools early as well. so I could have had other options for what school I went to. However, I am happy with going to Virginia Tech, so it isn’t that big a deal for me.

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Early College Admissions: Fairfax Seniors Get Accepted