Gang Gone Good


In 2011 The Washington Post reported on group “Check It” as an on the rise gay gang in DC. They were quoted as “a most unusual group of suspects”, said to be controversial in views as gang vs support group. The DC gang was reported as “carrying mace, knives, brass knuckles and stun guns” and beating up anyone who messed with them.

With this reputation as an aggressive gang new reports show a drastic turnaround to a new form of group. “Check It” has created a clothing shop called Check It Enterprises. This enterprise is “long way from the shoplifting, purse snatching and flash mob attacks” according to Courtland Millie of The Washington Post. When asked about this change in activity one of the group’s leaders, Trayvon Warren stated, “Making money the legal way, you don’t have to prostitute or do petty crimes just to get something to eat,” also adding, “When you make something with your own hands and sell it, making money by the book, you don’t have to worry about it being confiscated on the streets. You don’t have to look over your shoulder all the time. You feel better about yourself.”

So far, Check It has created a website that sells t shirts containing a decorated logo, efforts to raise money to fund this project further have included a gofundme and a donation page on their website, A documentary set to be released in the spring will document the gangs “triumphs and tragedies of the Check It Gang during the past five years “. It was also stated that with the release of this documentary the group has  “hope that the publicity will generate the funds to help them expand.”

The business is said to be looking to locate in a small building “near Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and Good Hope Road in Southeast”. On the business’ blog they stated that the business was created to become “A positive for-profit enterprise, so we no longer have to commit petty crimes to survive as being marginalized and neglected was paralyzing to many of us,” and to “reach back to support and mentor many of our gay youth who are following the negative aspects of the footsteps we are working to leave behind.”