Autumn’s Top Autumn Throwbacks


  1. exorcist-1973The Exorcist (1973)- A creepy movie in which the daughter of a film starlet is possessed by a demon and those around her try to figure out how to fix her. Though the plot seems to drag on, the grotesque visuals and the scary-good acting set a creepy tone for a perfect Halloween movie marathon.
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    Halloween H2O (1998)- A film which shows Laurie Strode (previously Keri Tate) and her son trying to escape Michael Myers, who had returned from his supposed death 20 years before.  With an interesting plot and a few jokes thrown in about Jamie Lee Curtis and her mom, Halloween H2O’s biggest flaw is its short length and refusal to kill any character off for good.


  1. hocus-pocusHocus Pocus(1993)- Max Dennison, along with his sister friend and cat, lights the Black wick candle on Halloween which brings three witches back to life. The four have to stop the witches from taking the lives of hundreds of children by the end of the night, or the witches will be back to their destructive ways for good. This movie is humorous and fascinating with a unique plot that will interest an audience of any age.
  2. halloweentownHalloweentown(1998)- A cute film about a young girl who discovers she is a witch with magical powers and goes with her grandma to a place called Halloweentown. Once there, they discover the town is in trouble, and they are the only ones who can save it. The plot is a little childish, but it’s a great throwback to a childhood of wishing you could have the powers Marnie Piper did and visiting Halloweentown.


  1. when-harry-met-sallyWhen Harry Met Sally(1989)- Two college kids, Harry Burns and Sally Albright, ride home together from school and argue over the possibility of a platonic relationship between a male and female. Years later, the two meet up again and attempt to test their theories on the nature of different gender relationships. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are the perfect pair in this film. Each brings their best to the table and perfectly captivate the audience in their love-hate relationship.
  2. good-will-huntingGood Will Hunting(1997)- Will Hunting, who works as a janitor at MIT and has been in and out of trouble with the law, is discovered as a mathematical genius by an MIT professor. He is forced into the new world of math and starts a relationship with a psychologist and a Harvard student. While the main focus is the relationship between Will and his psychologist, he does begin dating a girl at Harvard who helps him discover his purpose. This movie has a heartwarming plot and a fantastic cast. Will is a  character that is easy to like, but also one which you desperately want to punch.