Disney Live Action Films


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A few of the films Disney has released live action in the past three years.

A few of the live action films Disney has released in the past three years. (photos courtesy of Flickr)

Within the last couple of years Disney has been turning many of their high grossing cartoon films into live action remakes.Titles include Maleficent (2014), Cinderella (2015), and The Jungle Book (2016), with Beauty In The Beast coming out in 2017 and Mulan coming out in 2018.

Although this cycle of remakes portrays Disney as losing their creativity, bringing these cartoon films to life is sure to have many positive impacts on Disney’s income.

Disney is not the only film studio that has decided to recycle old movie ideas. The original film already has an established audience that would want to come out and relive their childhood movie joys. In an article in The New York Times by Adam Davidson, it was stated that “eighteen of the all-time 100 top grossing movies (adjusted for inflation) were sequels”.

Disney is broadening its target audience by bringing back some of its most popular titles, including its second highest grossing princess movie at $976million in ticket sales according to The Fiscal Times in 2014.

The reboot of these movies is cheaper than creating a movie from scratch. According to Jacob Bogage of The Washington Post “…, they’re [remakes] relatively cheap…You don’t have to pay a team of writers to start from scratch if you’re working on yet another version of SpiderMan.”