NFL Fines Players Who Wear 9/11 Cleats


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The NFL will fine any players who wore 9/11 cleats as a tribute those who have died.

Avery Williamson with the shoes he was going to wear. Photo courtesy of The Tennessean.

Avery Williamson, the Tennessee Titan linebacker, was going to wear 9/11 tribute cleats during the game on Sept. 11. However the NFL informed him that if he wore the cleats, he would be fined. According to The Tennessean, Williamson said, “My plan was to wear these 9/11 cleats and to auction them off after the game for the Wounded Warrior Wishes and just try to raise awareness for a good cause and remember the lives that were lost.”

Williamson’s shoes included the outline of the Twin Towers and one of them said “Never Forget”.

Several New York and New Jersey police departments said that they would help pay the fines if he wore the cleats. However, Williamson only wore the cleats during warmups, so that no rules were broken. He said that once he heard from the NFL, he did not want to argue with them and just left it alone.

These are Beckham’s and Cruz’s shoes that they were planning to wear. Photo courtesy of the Sportscenter.

New York Giants players, Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz, also planned to wear special cleats as a tribute. They each wore different pre-game cleats than the in-game cleats due to NFL regulations. Their shoes included red, white and blue stripes, a bald eagle and the rubble of the Twin Towers.

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