Political Clubs Q&A- Jackson Samples

Jackson Samples – Leader of Young Democrats


Why go you into politics in the first place?

I think political activity is a big part of our life and definitely, among young people like us in high school. People aren’t really interested in voting or what the major issues are. I thought by starting a club, it would get things going in the school.


What are your views on the upcoming election?

I think the election has been pretty contentious. Both parties have been going to extremes sides…and the Republican field is awfully crowded. It makes things interesting.

What inspired you to make this club and what is the goal of the club?

Most young people our age are liberal, I’d say, especially at our school and in this area, but there hasn’t been a club or organization to organize the people with those views. This club provides the opportunity to get those people to register to vote, get people talking about their progressive ideas and just bring some organization to it.

Why are you a democrat?

I’m a Democrat because I think equality is important, I think that our country faces a lot of issues in terms of income inequality, equality among ethnic groups, gender inequality, equality for LGBT people and I think that’s pretty much the defining issue of our time.