Political Clubs Q&A- Denton Knight

Denton Knight – Leader of Young Republicans

Why did you get into politics in the first place?

We live in America, and it is important to understand those discussions. It is such an important part of our life that I think everyone should be interested in politics to some degree so they are able to be informed citizens and know what they’re talking about and know how to be a part of the democracy.


What are your views on the upcoming election?

I like Kasich the most, but I think Marco Rubio is most likely to get the nomination. On the Democrat side, I definitely see Hillary Clinton winning. Of course Bernie [Sanders] appeals to people, but he doesn’t have a high chance of actually winning the election.

What inspired you to create the club and what is your goal of the club?

[lt’s to] to get people more educated about it, and because of the club I get to do research, talk about those things, discuss with other people, have the debates with the Young Democrats club. It’s really more about encouraging participation, encouraging community activity and getting involved as opposed to just shouting, “Go Republicans.”

Why are you a Republican?

I don’t agree with their immigration policy or their ideas about energy use and renewable energy. But it comes down to my family history, background in the South and in the West and cultural aspects, but also that overall idea of minimal government, having the freedom of opportunity and choice, and those kind of ideals that are Republican.