Election 2016: Rubio Rightly Surges Towards the Top


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In a field dominated by political outsiders, outrageous campaign promises and struggles to stay relevant, one candidate is making himself stand out for all the right reasons: Marco Rubio. After four consecutive strong performances in the Republican presidential debates, Rubio (R-Fla.) has made a strong surge towards the top of the polls, now only trailing front runner Ben Carson and outspoken businessman Donald Trump for the lead in the race for the GOP nomination for President in 2016.

Rubio, the junior Senator from Florida, is the most deserving and likely candidate for the Republican Party at this point in the election process. While Rubio does not currently hold the advantage in the polls, his past legitimate political experience as well as his moderately conservative views make him a strong contender in the race for the GOP nomination.

Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has made a strong surge towards the top of the polls in the race for the Republican nomination. (Photo courtesy of wikimedia)

Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has made a strong surge towards the top of the polls in the race for the Republican nomination. (Photo courtesy of wikimedia)

One of the main issues where Rubio finds himself gaining support from moderate to slightly liberal voters is his stance on immigration. After supporting a bill that ultimately failed in Congress supporting very loose immigration reform, Rubio has become known for his immigration views.

In contrast to Trump’s plan to deport all twelve million illegal immigrants in the United States, Rubio supports a three-step plan towards citizenship for these people. According to his website, his plan, involving illegal immigrants applying for a visa which they must hold for ten years before they may become citizens, is “the only approach that has any chance of success.” Rubio’s plan, even though it requires hefty fines and fees to acquire a visa, does not discriminate against illegal immigrants and keeps the American Dream alive.

Rubio also supports the modernization and rebuilding of the military in the United States. After President Obama’s disastrous defense cuts, which have significantly lowered the strength of the military, Rubio proposes to rebuild and expand the military in order to keep up American strength and protect its citizens from the constant threats around the world.

Rubio’s main reasoning for rebuilding the military is evident all over his campaign web page. He stands by the fact that the military is not necessarily a force for attacking other countries and bombing threats overseas, but a deterrent to enemies at home and abroad. If the US does not have a strong and modern enough military force to deter enemies from taking action or to support allies in their times of need, then there is a failure of American values. Rubio understands this and supports American strength.

In perhaps his strongest quote throughout all of the debates, Rubio said, “We need more welders and less philosophers.” This was in reference to his plan to support working class people and promote vocational training as an alternative to college after high school.

The American people have been under the impression that a college degree is absolutely necessary to succeed in life, so students have pursued degrees in fields in which there are not many jobs. Trades and vocational jobs have become taboo even though workers in those fields make salaries that rival a CPA or marketer. Rubio supports these types of jobs and proposes that the United States also begins to provide more opportunities for this kind of training to be more available and open.

In conclusion, whether one is a liberal or a conservative, Rubio is the obvious choice for the GOP nomination in 2016. He holds fairly moderate views while also refraining from insulting entire ethnic groups and putting the nation at risk for attack from foreign countries. And unlike several of the GOP candidates, Rubio knows the territory and has actual political experience that will have every United States citizen looking forward to the new American century.